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Garage Door Repair Services in Hayward, CA

We provide a vast swath of repair services, varying from spring replacements, weather seal replacement and garage door openers to panel replacements and full-scale restoration. Every repair is installed expertly and skillfully to make sure the repair stays that way for the long life of your garage door.

Remote controls are what make the garage door into the handy item that it is. If moving closer to the door still does not allow it to operate, the battery could be at fault. Still, there are more serious problems that deal with the electronic boards enclosed inside the unit. When the door itself works extremely slow, or only will open a few inches, do not hesitate to call for help right away. Trying to force the door will only make the problem worse. Leave it completely alone until the repair crew arrives. Bouncing doors indicate a loose or worn out pulley. This is a major problem and must be dealt with by qualified personnel. Incorrect repair of this problem could result in major damage. The last most common issue would be those dealing with the malfunction of a sensor.

By most common problems, we do not mean to say that there aren't other major glitches that can occur from time to time. Tracks can become bent. Cables can break. All of these issues and more can be dealt with efficient, licensed repair people. There are never any hidden fees because they will be discussed openly before work begins.


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